Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

...which almost turned into a week. And I was ready to move to Australia.

I mentioned in this post that we had a mold issue in our school at the beginning of the year. I ended up being allergic to the kind of mold in the school so I worked in another building to find grants. The McElroy grant worked for my classroom and I began working on it on my own. It was due last Friday. On Thursday I was thisclose to having it finished and needed to add the final touches before sending it to a coworker to have it looked over. I went to open it and it was nowhere to be found! I even took it to our IT queen and she couldn't find it. We found the blank application document but not the hours-spent-being-worked-on, nearly-finished one! The only solution we could come up with was that my (old) computer had to force quit (as it does often without my okay) and lost everything. But I know thought I saved it! So I didn't have it. The coworker that was going to look it over helped take the idea and rewrite it that night so it was ready to turn in on the due date!! (Okay, maybe that wasn't so bad but I definitely feel guilty for taking up so much of my coworker's time on it. And it hurt that I had already put so much time and effort into it for nothing.)

Friday morning I signed the grant and we sent it in. (Fingers crossed!) The other second grade teacher popped in to see how things were going especially after having to rework the grant and the stress of conferences coming up. (Did I mention I have the BEST coworkers EVER??) She also asked to borrow some change to buy lunch that day. I'm the type of person to carry change around until there's not room for anything else so I was happy to give some away and lighten my load. I hurried to put my wristlet back into my purse before greeting the kids as they came in from recess. Fast forward to 4:30 Friday afternoon. I had to have everything ready for conferences on Monday so I was in a hurry to get things done. Hubby called to ask when he could expect me home since we needed to get on the road. We were going to our college homecoming game and celebrating my mom's birthday. I reached for my purse and realized it seemed much lighter than usual. Low and behold, my wristlet was missing. The very wristlet that Hubby had given me for my college graduation/wedding gift. It matched our wedding colors perfectly! Hubby came to help me look for it but it was nowhere to be found. I even called Mrs.OtherSecondGradeTeacher to see if she remembered what I had done with it. She watched me put it back into my purse. Hubby called and cancelled our credit cards and I called the police.
I don't expect to see it again. What a way to start the weekend. I thought about just staying home to get things taken care of but Hubby convinced me that I would feel better if I didn't let one person's stupid action ruin my fun weekend. He also pointed out that all of my family and friends would be there too so I would probably end up forgetting about it. (Yes, I have the best husband, too!)

I don't appreciate the fact that I had to spend an hour Saturday morning at the DOT to get another license. But, once that was taken care of, I did forget all about those problems and had a great time with my family and friends. The weather was beautiful and the only thing that could have been better was if State had won the game.

On Monday we still hadn't found or figured out what happened to my wristlet. It was a long 12 hour day with conferences but I have a great group of kids so that wasn't so bad. Tuesday was our state visit and conferences. The state visit went really well but the day ended with me having a migraine and some difficult conferences (but I survived, hooray!) I'm just happy today is Wednesday and we don't have school again until Monday!Okay, I have three conferences during the day tomorrow, but I'm not too concerned about those. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids and my job, but I really need a mental and physical break!

I've really missed blogging and Pinterest but I will have plenty of time to catch up over this long weekend.

I hope you don't have a week like mine and enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love the Alexander books! I had a similar bad week and even worse weekend!
    Miss B, Busy Bee

  2. I'm glad you didn't have to go to Australia! I hope next week is better!

    Name of your site!

  3. Well hopefully I can make your week a little won my Break the Sight Word Code from the Moffatt Girls:) Email me and I will send it to you! I couldn't find your email on your blog or profile. Have a better week!