Monday, October 10, 2011

Haunted Dreams & a Baby Shower

Whew! What a week it was! Last week we began our discussion about poems. My kiddos are writing acrostic poems about Halloween or fall. I introduced the idea by picking the word GHOSTS. My second graders came up with some great things that have to do with ghosts for each letter. We were discussing their ideas when it was time for recess. I had recess duty and some of the girls continued the discussion at recess. For H, they came up with "Haunted Dreams" and this was the topic they brought up as I was walking around the playgound, listening in. "My dad has haunted dreams about me spending all of his money." Another girl answered, "I think ALL dads have that dream!" The things kids say...

Friday night, I spent time putting the final touches on the baby shower I was throwing for my sister-in-law. I don't think of myself as too creative, but I was very proud of my gift/decorative piece:

Saturday and Sunday were full of nice weather (by the way, who turned up the heat?! This October weather in the upper 70s is great!!), spending time with family, and preparing for the week. I've found some fantastic ideas on here and plan on working on them through the week! Maybe I'll finally be able to post pictures of my classroom! Since my classroom is almost back to normal after the huge mold fiasco... But that's another story for another time. Have a great week!

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