Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mold Attacks: One Scary Story That's True!

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that our school had a big mold "fiasco". Here is that story...

Once upon a warm August day, Mrs. Not-Much-Taller was excited to get back into her classroom after a long, relaxing summer away. She entered with a very long list of things to accomplish and fantastic dreams for her home-away-from-home. She spent hours upon hours preparing it for the little darlings to join her. It was almost complete when the time came for the teachers to meet for professional development. Mrs. Not-Much-Taller just had a few finishing touches to add and it would be ready. The teachers were downstairs in the cafeteria discussing important things for the upcoming year. Some of the teachers were beginning to not feel well when Mrs. Principal called for a break. The teachers went back to their rooms for the brief break and regouped before they were to start the afternoon meetings. Mrs. Third-Grade-Teacher said that she was breaking out into hives and others agreed that they were not feeling well when they were in the cafeteria so the meetings were moved upstairs. The incident was investigated and the Evil Mold was found to be growing in the cafeteria and had affected the whole school. Evil Mold shut down the school for 10 long days. The teachers were worried sick over their poor classrooms and the shape they would be in when Evil Mold was gone. The students had mixed feelings, enjoying an extended summer but eager for the school year to start. After the school was cleaned and the "all clear" signal was given, the teachers were allowed back into the school to assess the damage. Some teachers had more to do than others, but everyone pitched in to help and the school was soon able to open. The first day of school was an exhausting one, but enjoyed by everyone in attendance. They lived happily ever after...

At least, they're trying to with all of the chaos that comes with this time of year!

Note: A huge THANK YOU to all of my co-workers that helped reassemble my room! You guys rock!!

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